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Love Burritos – FAQ

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Love Burritos FAQ

What are Love Burritos?

Love burritos are homemade from scratch burritos offered for free to students at the University of Maine Men’s Hockey games, mostly while they are standing in line freezing and hungry.

What’s in a Love Burrito?

Our burritos are made from scratch – the basic burrito consists of ground beef, green chilis, salsa, refried beans, homemade spanish rice, shredded cheese, a mix of Mexican spices all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

For the spicy, we swap the salsa out for Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper salsa, along with a boost of ghost pepper hot sauce, just to make sure no one complains they’re “not spicy enough” ever again.

For our Vegetarian friends, the burritos have our spanish rice, green chilis, salsa, a touch of Tabasco, black beans, and spices, all rolled up in the same tortilla.

 Why are you handing out Love Burritos?

We are a Christian group on campus that wants people to know that Christians aren’t all judgmental, hypocritical, and boring. We’re just people who found Jesus, and we like to invite others to know that too. And we like burritos. And we like to share those too. Check out for the long version.

Do you want anything in return?

No. The whole point is that a Love Burrito is a FREE GIFT. No strings attached. Nada. None. Just have a free burrito and know that someone cares enough to pay for it, make it, and bring it to you, even when it’s freezing out.

What if I want to pay you for it?

We won’t accept it. The cost of your burrito has already been paid in full by someone else.

We do accept donations to keep making burritos. If you’re interested in giving to Love Burritos, please click the PayPal link below.


Who Challenge UMaine?

We are a groups of students from UMaine who want to know, love, and glorify God through serving and loving the students, faculty, administration, and alumni of the University of Maine. Why? Because we believe that’s what Jesus would have done if he was here. And we like to tell people about Jesus. And sometimes we do other fun things, so long as they fit into that mission above.

Who is the Burrito Guy?

That is our esteemed and proud chef and director, Kevin. He’s a great guy and loves to talk about most anything. If you see him around campus, always feel free to say hi and that you liked/disliked the burritos. He would also prefer if he was referred to as the “Jesus Guy,” but he’ll take what he can get.

Love Burritos are awesome! I want to help. What should I do?

Contact Kevin at Having people help cook and roll the 100+ burritos that are made for each game makes it go faster, and the conversation is nice too.

What if I have another question that’s not here?

Email Kevin at or catch him drinking too much coffee at Aroma Joe’s or Tim Horto’ns or eating lunch in the Union. He loves to chat and will answer any question you have.

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