New Beginnings

Have you ever wanted to create a piece of art? To start with a blank canvas, or a pile of clay, or a sheet of staff paper, or anything else – and just create something beautiful? When I was a little kid, I loved to do just that.... More »

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Learn about who ChallengeUMO is, what we believe, and who is our amazing staff. More »

Love Burritos!

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Can we build it? Yes We Can!

As a fundraiser for the beginning of the 2014 school year, Challenge UMaine will be offering furniture assembly and bike tune-ups at no charge to anyone attending UMaine. Instead, we will be accepting donations to go toward purchase of a

Love Burritos

Welcome friends and burrito lovers. If you’re here you were probably handed a hot, cheesy and ricey burrito. No one asked for any money. These body warming treats are our gift to you. No strings attached, no fine print. Free


Passion: Passion is a dangerous emotion.  That is also the draw – the sense of danger, of the excitement that comes with passion, it can create a great natural high.  Be it a passion for life, music, art, biology, engineering,


Understanding: Welcome, seeker of understanding.  Know that you are not alone in your search for understanding – people have been confused over each others messages since man first began. There seems to be two reasons why you would take a


Courage: Greetings, those needing courage!  Be of stout heart, for today is the day when you shall gain what you need! To begin, watch this short video, then we’ll continue – If that doesn’t get you properly pumped up, maybe


Faith Greetings, seeker of Faith!  I want to welcome you to an exclusive club, one that has had such illustrious members as the Apostle Peter, Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, and even the Pope!  Know that in your need for faith,


Love If you took this tab, love is something you feel you need, and you are right.  Everyone needs to feel loved. It is an amazing thing, love.  People have tried for thousands of years to capture it, contain it, and still


Hope If you have taken this tab, you must be searching for hope. For whatever reason, hope seems to be lost.  It is a dark place when hope seems lost.  The future is bleak and dark, and there is no

Welcome Class of 2017!

“NOTICE: People wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success.” Greetings newest class of Black Bears! I hope that your time at UMaine has been


Know – Grow – Show – Go Grow – to progress to maturity This weeks blog post was done old skool style – handwritten in my UMaine Notebook (due to laptop issues.) Luckily my camera still works! Enjoy!