Passion is a dangerous emotion.  That is also the draw – the sense of danger, of the excitement that comes with passion, it can create a great natural high.  Be it a passion for life, music, art, biology, engineering, relationships, or anything else, passion is what drives the excitement in our lives.  And now, for whatever reason, that passion seems to be missing.

Why is passion so fleeting? Where does it come from, and why does it leave so quickly, and how do you find it again? To truly understand passion, it is important to know the root of the word, where it comes from and why it exists.

The term passion did  not exist prior to Christ.  In fact, it was created specifically to describe his persecution and execution. It is properly defined as “suffering” or “suffering for that which you care the most.” When Jesus went to the cross to bear the sins of every person in all of history, back and forward, just because He loved them more than anything, there were no words to properly describe what He went through, so the disciples created “pashko” in Greek, or “pati” in Latin, which was transliterated into passion in English.

Knowing that we can see that passion is far more important than a fleeting emotional rush that comes with doing something we love.  If we are to be truly passionate about something, we must be willing to suffer for it, and that is not fun.  It’s not the emotional high that we expect to associate with passion. It is hard, it is not fun, and it will indeed make you feel like you want to quit.

Know this – Jesus wanted to quit too.  He prayed in the garden that God would take this cup from him.  He was under such stress that he literally sweated blood, all while His closest friends fell asleep behind Him rather than lift Him up. But, in His love you and His love for every other person ever, He didn’t give up. He bore the cross that we should have carried that we could have eternal life.  And when the suffering was over, joy came with the morning.

If you desire passion and truly do wish to have a passion for something you will suffer for it.  There will be times when it will not be fun, where those closest to you will turn their backs on you. The skies will grow dark and everything may seem lost.  But have faith, as Jesus rose again on the third day, so too can your passion end with victory! Remember that sorrow may come for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

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