New Beginnings

Have you ever wanted to create a piece of art? To start with a blank canvas, or a pile of clay, or a sheet of staff paper, or anything else – and just create something beautiful? When I was a little kid, I loved to do just that.... More »

About Us

Learn about who ChallengeUMO is, what we believe, and who is our amazing staff. More »

Love Burritos!

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How our Staff Operates

Challenge is a not for profit organization. We have several students involved in our ministry, but we never take up an offering (unless it’s for a special missions opportunity) because we exist to serve the students at UMaine, not vice versa. We relate what we do in campus work to what Paul did in Thessalonica. In 1 Th. 2:9, Paul said, “we worked night and day in order not to be a burden to anyone.” Then in Ph. 4:16, he said, “even when I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid again and again when I was in need.” Thus, Paul raised support from the Philippians in order to minister more effectively to the Thessalonians. If you are interested in donating funds for our staff or to Challenge UMaine in general (for events, retreats, sound equipment, etc…) then please contact  us.

We can take online donations through our Mission Service Corps page at

If you have questions about specific finance questions, then ask Kevin.

Meet the Youngs

Kevin and Kalina Young
Kevin and Kalina both graduated from Colorado Mesa University with Bachelor degrees in Music Education.  Since graduation, Kevin has been working with Christian Challenge at CMU, and Kalina has been pursuing her career as an elementary school music teacher.  They have three amazing children – Sam, age 17, Sirion, age 10, and Eressea, age 8.

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